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Veteran Advisor

You Mean To Tell Me

That our very own Gooby, and all his aliases here, aren’t going to tell us the truth about the state of the Arizona audit?   An audit he said was going to be over months ago?   I guess finding those bamboo votes, is proving to be harder than they thought.   Especially, when they weren’t there to begin with. 

Maybe the Bass tard Trump can concede the election now.   Oh wait…..I’m sure the next “great” conspiracy for how he lost, is about to be unleashed from Mara-loco.   

What do you think it might be?   It’s going to be hard to top his last set of lies, with the bamboo paper and all.

Maybe, since we can no longer have elections in this country, we should just leave President Biden in office, until he dies.   He has “great” genes I hear.   And without the consumption of junk food at State dinners and White House invites, I bet he could live to be 200 - just like the so called ex-president Bass Tard Trump.