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You can’t deny this forever.

Reclaim your life from the jaws of Donald Trump

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Re: You can’t deny this forever.

That author's confirmations of his sanity represent simple confirmations of his insanity to everyone who thinks otherwise.  The rant has no meaning, except to those who share his opinion.

What's missing is the fact that there really isn't a majority necessarily on the side of Trump.  Those who are silent or support Trump, do so in spite of his flaws.  He is the President elected under our system, they respect that.  Many voted for Trump, knowing his flaws, partly because they did not like the liberal direction our country was headed, partly because they saw a potentially worse situation in many ways under Clinton leadership, and partly because there were really just 2 viable choices where a vote one way or the other could really make any difference.  Basically, the Democrats claim victory when the vote swings their way, and the Republicans claim victory when the vote swings their way.  Neither actually has a "majority".

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Re: You can’t deny this forever.


Thank you for your lesson on democracy. You might hold the position with respect to justify the current situation but don’t labour under the delusion this situation can continue. 

The question I have been asking remains, when are you people prepared to own this fool.  I notice your post this time is a little more subdued although you still have colleagues who viciously defend his dysfunctionality. Accepting the fact you made a mistake by electing him doesn’t exclude your entry to heaven. 

Sadly he has everyone thinking he has everything roaring along to prosperity. He doesn’t. He is noted for lies. If his economic suicide continues for another 5 years, you will need more than prayers to recover.