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Senior Advisor

You don't have to be an american grain farmer to provide cheap food for the masses.

Get your check book out and buy the corn and donate it to the starving masses. I don't feel a great responsibility to feed the world when your only objective is to drive corn prices lower for your feedlot. I do my damnest to not only produce a good crop but I go the extra mile to produce a great crop. Often time I have to settle for less than that and for decades we had to produce for thin margins.


I remember those great time for livestock producers and no one suggested setting their margins aside to feed those poor and starving. NOpe, you won't sell it to the highest bidder. You will refrigerate and fly it over to the down trodden in Africa or North Korea. SO a few high tone restuarants do not have the top steaks for their very exclusive clientele.  Grind it all up into hamburger and feed to the masses. 


Better yet just buy the corn and don't run it through very inefficient livestock. Send the raw corn to the needy and they will get more nourishment from the grain and won't have chlorestorel clogging the arteries.


MTIDBIMC  aka My tongue is deeply buried in my cheek!