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You go Jill


After all, they are the Green Party.


Although I have to question how spray painting the blade face on a dozer constitutes vandalism (duh).


I'm severely conflicted on that question. On the one hand, pipelines are a lot more efficient way to move oil and products. And new pipelines aren't a big problem- all the old ones around are.


But in the larger picture, it is probably marginally worth fricking and fracking, messing up our own environment modestly further if there it provides a pathway to something else.


Otherwise just the road to perdition.



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Re: You go Jill

Once you pay $8000 to level up your home, it just might change your outlook on fracking in your neighborhood. I'm beginning to think that they shouldn't be building houses in OK!


Re: You go Jill

It is known as an externality.


A tax that goes into the offender's pocket.