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You gotta give Bill Barr an A

so far.

It was pretty clear that Beauregard wasn't cutting it as consigliere to The Don.

So they brought in a senior member of the DC Deep State cathlo-fascist elite- the Navy Seals of the Corporate Blob.

The Mueller thing is pretty well wrestled down into shape and the Epstein is out of the way. The DOJ has been reformed into a Roy Cohn  & Co. law firm that spends most of its billable hours blocking any transparency of the POTUS' financial affairs and foreign entanglements.

Pretty impressive.

The Blob will quite willingly support anyone- even a cunning low IQ thug- if their interests are served- and they are- on a silver platter.

(See the recent announcement of a wave of ethanol RIN waivers for refineries. They got two fossil fuel lobbyists to run EPA.)

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Senior Advisor

Re: You gotta give Bill Barr an A

The conclusion to take from the RIN waivers is that even though Big Ag/Big Meat are now dues paying members of The Blob, the interests of the senior member come first.