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You just knew this would happen

Hate and intolerance. That is what the leftist of today consist of. Who would vote for this kind of hate. You know they will treast you the same way if you don't agree with them. They're animals.


Leftists on social media blew a collective fuse after Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki donned a MAGA hat during the White House’s welcoming ceremony for the World Series champions.

Suzuki, prior to speaking at the ceremony, put on a MAGA hat, prompting an embrace from President Donald Trump:


The catcher’s display of support for the president drew anger and feelings of betrayal from leftists on Twitter, some of whom suggested that he be canceled out or “banned from baseball” altogether.


“Putting on a ‘MAGA’ hat is a form of racist hate speech and an implicit threat of violence,” the leftist blog Palmer Report tweeted. “Kurt Suzuki should be banned from baseball. If you don’t like this tweet, ***** you”:

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Re: You just knew this would happen

Kurt played in MN for a couple of years and was very solid as a catcher and clutch hitter. I guess that $10 million dollar salary with the Nationals and the tax cuts that enable him to keep more of his earnings made Trump dear to him. Kurt and his wife give a lot to charity and this allows them to earmark more money to the causes they believe in , instead of social justice frauds.

You just know that a Japanese American has never faced discrimination , right?

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Re: You just knew this would happen

I guess you can understand how a person programmed to act so  irrationally as palmer, would think trump must he removed by ANY method.  Its a public mania.

BA Deere
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Re: You just knew this would happen

The media portrayed that the "entire stadium and the Nationals & Expos fans and teams booed the hell out of Trump" .  Audios can be manipulated, microphones focusing on segments of the crowd that is booing to make it seem like "everyone is booing" which gives the Solidad O`Brien crowd something to tweet about and a link to a tweet that Bruce can post on here 🙂

Some of what could be going on here is a bit of following the crowd isn`t cool.  I`ve all known the hipster that likes a certain music, but as soon as it gets popular, it`s no longer appealing to them.  Trump is the ultimate "out group" and definitely someone at isn`t following the crowd.... a "James Dean" if you will, except Trump is a rebel with a real cause. 

Since the 50`s (Elvis) maybe always in history, kids rebelled against "the man".  For so long young people rebelled by being liberal to drive their parents crazy, well where do you go now?  Your idiot parents have a Bernie Sanders bumpersticker ...if you really waant to drive your idot parents and the popular culture crazy...put on a MAGA hat.   I Love it!   🙂

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Re: You just knew this would happen

The maga hat is to progs as a spider is to my wife.