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You know you are in trouble when...

1. Your newly arrived second lieutenant stands up and confidently tells you, “Well Sir, based on my experience, I think we should...”

2. Your company gunnery sergeant says, “With all due respect Sir, but I think...”

3. Your tank battalion or regimental commanding officer says, “Pack, I been thinking. I think we should....”

and finally,

4. Your elected US representatives, senators, along with MSM/Hollywood power elites all begin telling you why providing free healthcare, free education, and free housing to millions of illegal aliens will somehow benefit you, your own family, and your own neighbors.

If you live in a top 10% American household (a.k.a. Power elite/investor/political/leisure class) you already get the joke of #4. If however, you are now living in a bottom 60% household, you are well advised to clearly understand how this particular joke is going to be played out in your own lives.


Forewarned is forearmed. Good luck!

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Senior Contributor

Re: You know you are in trouble when...

Bearing mind your country has never experienced National health care, I don’t think one person there is qualified to comment on it.  If you want to believe big health as to how it is unaffordable, you would also believe in immaculate conceptions. 

Senior Contributor

Re: You know you are in trouble when...

Cruelty stacked upon cruelties.

You don't want people who exist below you in the social stratum (in your own mind) so you do the two step to where it is all about "illegal aliens" getting stuff that they don't.

I do imagine that you sleep like an angel, though.