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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Hey BA

Smiley Very Happy  Something that everyone liberal and Conservative should put a pencil to the cost of a second term of Obama.   I guarantee that everyone`s billfolds will easily be $10,000 lighter if Obama is in another 4years.  Whatever Republican Mitt, Newt, Rick or Ron if/when they win, even if it`s by one vote they WILL have a mandate to repeal Obamacare.  Now, Obamacare, if enacted will easily cost each one of us $10,000 in extra medical costs and reduced services.  So all of this "lesser evil" talk might be true of any Republican but Paul, however the lesser evil will leave more money in your pocket and more freedom.  So yes all Conservatives and even liberals should work hard to defeat Obama and dig deep when they pass the collection plate, we are in a fight for our survival here folks.

Senior Contributor

Re: Knapper

"...Cayman Islands are taxed in the very same way they would be if the Romneys held their shares of the fund investments directly in the US..."


True in one respect, but I think his funds are not taxed at all until he draws them and brings them into the US. Hey, it's all legal and on the up and up and if he is elected and passes his tax plan, his investment income will be taxed at half of what it is now. I wonder what will happen to my rate? At least I have a retirement fund that I won't be taxed on until I draw it. Meanwhile US banks get the benefit of holding my assets.

gough whitlam
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Re: You will love this.

Well , in fact, I never wrote it but thank you for oiling the wheels of the spell check for us illiterate fools.  


As I said,k some of it did not appear and should be looked at through the addredss.


As for the avalanche Comrade.  There is nothing to signify that yet.  I know you are totally pissed off about the blackfella but that does not equate to a victory.  Honestly though, Stevie Wonder could see Newt was going to explode in SC but it should not be interpreted as a landslide.  I think there is quite a few states that have a different opinion but there is nothing wrong with grasping a passing victory after the boat has sunk.  Take it now, there might not be another on.