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bruce MN

Not unnoticed goes the fact that for untold millions...

.. (out of the 71 million?) this entire Dennison ***** Show has been about “strengthening” and enabling the Courts.

Senior Contributor

Re: You will never again question election results

@Canuck_2 wrote:

I understand that you believe the election was 'corrupt' however no one has come up with any proof of that.

There was a clip of an election official in some state going over a number of specific claims about problems with the vote counting and explaining why those claims were not true. Included was the point that some video that people claimed showed problems was a selected clip and not the whole video which showed everything was done according to the rules and he seemed some upset that your dear leaders cronies had selected that part of the video deliberately leaving off the rest to make a false claim.

If you have proof show it otherwise you have only a belief and anything is 'possible' with only a belief, but not true.

Posted tons of it.