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Taylor ECIL
Senior Contributor

Re: You would`ve quadrupled your money...

Actually cheaper than dirt had to stop selling because they were getting more orders than they could handle.


bruce MN

Re: You would`ve quadrupled your money...

I wonder what the breakdown is between people getting their obligiatory first one and those adding to their arsenals?


We were in a long checkout line last week at **bleep**'s Sporting Goods and ammo was going out of there big time. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

29 Palms survey, GTO

Now this was back in the mid 90`s Marines were asked if they would `fire on US citizens if non-sporting guns were banned and they had to go around and collect `em` that time 60% disagreed that they would  with all the homosexuals and corruptness in the Army now-a-days you can bet the majority won`t have a problem firing on US citizens.  At the time the survey came out Kurt Saxon said the first place they went to where the gunowner thought "This is the Big One!! Armageddon!!" and shoot back, those in the Army would say "You know, I got better things to be doing I don`t want a fire fight at 50 million homes, there`s a tv show I could be watching now."  I have to disagree with Kurt now nearly 20 yrs later, there are more high-tech weapons and the soldiers have become hard-hearted..if nothing else a pimply faced punk running a joy stick would love the excuse to fire bomb "unfriendly`s homes" using drones. I don`t know how organized a milita of gunowners would be, but I don`t feel that I am exagerating one bit in saying that 1 million gunowners really do believe the mantra of "From my cold dead fingers" and there "Will be Blood" 0bama doesn`t care Biden doesn`t care Holder doesn`t care, just like Reno didn`t care.  Would I give up my guns?   Probably, I`m one of the Bourgeois, a wealthy landowner, I wouldn`t do well as a "felon".  The reason you libs don`t understand, GTO is you have too much faith in the system, you think if the Blue helmet (UN)thugs kick in your door to draft your 15 yr old into their UN Army with full Democrat approval, you`ll just hold your nose and vote "Repub".   Well we a very close to the point when there will be no more ballot boxes.  I think 0bama may be the last US president that was elected in office. You`ll see what I`m talking about one day.  


Re: You would`ve quadrupled your money...

BA - help I have fallen and can't get up!  Quick call 911, I am laughing so hard!  You are absolutely right, people should be begging to get on that list, especially in New York.  That is like a sign in a window of a business announcing to the public this is a firearm free zone, or no firearms allowed.  Just invites thieves to rob them.  Great post. Thanks for my daily laugh!. John

Senior Advisor

Re: You would`ve quadrupled your money...

@BA Deere wrote:

Hey Faust, did you see a New York paper is publishing the names of concealed carry holders?


It`s a attempt of intimidation, however it`ll have the opposite effect Smiley Very Happy  now the criminals will have a list of "everyone to leave alone"  people will beg to be on that list Smiley Very Happy   Also it will show that smart people of the community, the upstanding folks are the ones that have guns, not the stereotype that the low IQers try to paint the gun owners as. ....... And you "low IQers know who you are...yeah you!" Smiley Very Happy

The liberal mind is a thing of wonder. Great post BA. Too funny and too true.

Wonder if the convenience stores are trying to get the same NY paper to print a list of their stores who check out clerks are also armed?

Senior Contributor

Re: 29 Palms survey, GTO

Oh, my god, BA! What the hell is the matter with you? You've been one of those playing too many video games? If, and I repeat, IF, such a thing should should come to fruition, you and I won't be alive, we will be worm feed by then. The whole idea is so preposterous, only if people like Romney, and the corporate raiders, manage to over come the government, it will be the Republicans, that you are going to have to fight, if it ever comes to that.