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Re: Your Daily Rush

3020, all our older internationals were that way.
But newer JD stuff have loaders, and grandpa
Had a tricycle with a loader, and he cussed
It some days.
Yep, that is when they made equipment. No plastic
And stuff was rugged and could take abuse.
Today, plastic, thin castings, etc.
And the replacement for a 4020 about 45,000 without
Cab, I grabbed ahold of the drawbar of it, and
Put my muscle and weight in it, and had it rocking
Pretty good, even moved frount tires a little.
I sure couldn't do it on a couple 4020 we
Have with loaders.
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Re: Your Daily Rush that a promise ???
BA Deere
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Re: Your Daily Rush

Don`t know what you`re talking about ElCheapo.  All I see is 3 questions I asked aren`t answered, which tells me you`re still researching or the answers would hurt your narrative.....likely the latter.  But if you think "wheat would be $2 higher if Trump ratified the TPP" ...well, the kindest thing I can say is I disagree and when the men with a net come, go peacefully, they`re your friends.

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Re: Your Daily Rush

BA i think you need to go visit Milligan and
Take some electro shock treatments

First...due to not being in the ttp...we will have
Import duties of $65 per metric ton applied
To wheat, that is roughly a little better than
A $1.80 a bu.

You worry about trade

A couple things you missed a n econ I.

Higher inputs can mean your "dollar" is worth
More, and a wise business move is to get
The most value from your dollar.

And as trade barriers and the like are added,
The only industry in the us economy that usually
Positive on trade is agriculture, may not be so
Much so

I don't have time to explain to you what's wrong