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Re: Your daily Rush!

Civil war is inevitable...

Senior Contributor

Re: Your daily Rush!

You are wrong, the, "demmies" have gotten over it! The real question is when Trump is thrown out on his ear, are YOU, going to get over it?? He is going, you know that?

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Time for an organized boycott?

doesn't appear that you are over your TDS. Just shut the radio off because they had two guys and a gal harping about how Donald Trump himself could not pass a security clearance to even work in his own white house cause he abused women and raped his wife. Pretty pitiful stuff...and it went on and on.


No wonder you are all so worked up...the media is feeding the fools raw meat on an hourly basis for ratings. With President Trump now up to a 50 percent approval rating, maybe its time to hit back where it counts....the advertisers that support the fake media.