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BA Deere
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Youth gonna get screwed by debt-Bill Bonner   


To those that want to revitalize the Republican party, this is how we do it.  We educate those under 30 on how this "benevolent" has screwed them over and it`s going to be payed for with their sweat and there will be no goodies, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The old clowns that been laughing all the way to the bank will be worm food, yet the bills for their high living will come pouring in.


Young people aren`t stupid or lazy.  It`s true that public education has failed them in many cases, but who payed attention in school anyway?  You learned to read and do math, your real education took place in the real world.  Kids nowadays don`t pay attention to the mainstream media, they have alternative sites and blogs and twitter to get the raw story and use the 3 lb organ located between their ears to sort through the bull crap.


It will become evident that the grownups like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are on their side, the Democrats are giving them the shaft.

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Re: Youth gonna get screwed by debt-Bill Bonner

Whay are the youth going to get screwed?  It's the old people who think the debt and their assets are worth something.


Re: Youth gonna get screwed by debt-Bill Bonner

Yeah!  There are a lot of kids whose fathers were farmers and lived much of their lives like church mice and when their lives ended they died multi-millionaires, and little johnny and suzie inherited wealth, of course they grew up dumb and during their lives, they will squander the money and assets others spent their lives accumulating.   I am not so sure little Johnny and Suzie are capable of doing what those old codgers did in their lives.


You know if I remember correctly, a farm was where wanted to be "from" when I was growing up, a 40 hour work week and a "job" was they could fulfill other peoples dreams. I am not sure we squandered anything in our lives and I am certain that our kids had many things, including college educations and a better life.  But the way I see it . . . most of us paid into SS so what we do get has been well earned. 


I would like to have a society like my father grew up in, where elderly parents were never put in a nursing home to die, but stayed on the farm until they died, with their kids looking after them.  But . . . those days are gone, it is a "me", "me" world and screw those who provided a pathway to a better life.  


It is mommie and daddy that mortgaged their home, guaranteed student loans, to send little johnny moron to college who majored in drinking and partying, and upon graduation is now moving back in with mommie and daddy who writes the monthly student loan check little Johnny should be writing.    


These people when they get screwed enough will revolt, and if they do not and elect to remain passive, then they deservie their plight.  There are many ways to make a good living in this world, and most of those I ever knew who were successful never entered the "institutions" we used to hold in such high esteem when I was a kid.  Today it is not about teaching it is about "processing" kids through college, farming them during the four years there are there, and graduating them with worthless degrees in many cases. 



At Drake University law school in 1960 it had about 18 people in each class,  when I graduated it was close to 300 or more in 1990 who knows what it is too day.


 Yesterday Northwestern University cut admissions to their law school because graduates were having a tough time finding jobs, personally I think that is a good thing, we have too many crooked lawyers in our society already, and many of them are our congressmen.  Well enough of this little rant. Pass the popcorn and get me another Corona.  John .






Re: Youth gonna get screwed by debt-Bill Bonner

Bruce likes to say something about born on third thinking they'd hit a home run. I'm not sure who he is talking about, Yankee fans probably.
bruce MN

That would be "a triple", not a HR, but anyway,,,,

...props to your exceptional Senator, Sam.


Might be the only discernable  dif here between the best elements fo the 2 parties and why I'll likely stay in the one I'm in. 


I doubt that the pointed, direct and very serious and important question posed by Sen. Brown that shows up in this report of that confirmation hearing could have come from the good old boys at the other end of the table. 


Re: That would be "a triple", not a HR, but anyway,,,,

Yep senators are coming out swinging hard at the lack of prosecutions, they are so brave standing up for what's right. Its just too bad that 2008+5=2013. Statutes of limitations are about up.  No coincident I'm sure.


Just part of the circus.

Senior Advisor

Re: We are all victims of the theology

That we can be the most powerful nation in the world involved in continous conflicts, building massive military might while borrowing money but it will all be paid for with iraqi Oil and increased revenues produced by tax cuts.


That lesson has taught us nothing. That math is not a product of the public school system. That math is the product of Ronald Reagan. Phil Gramm, Newt Gingrich and the current Republican congress. This experiment in mathematical insanity has not yet been abandoned and how many more trillion of debt will we accumulate while this exercise continues.


Hint: you cannot oppress wages of the working class if you expect them to carry the burden of taxation. You cannot give tax incentives to high income earners that will negate their taxes. You cannot reward the job createrws iof they don't create jobs or create them elsewhere.


Secondly you could stop blaming the aged the poor and the frail for our countries fiscal condition.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

$222 trillion in unfunded promises

I would think that even a dolt like you would grasp that kind of math.


Compared to the blunders in Iraq and elsewhere, this is the real ticking time bomb.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Youth gonna get screwed by debt-Bill Bonner

a really gloomy forecast, BA, and one that may end our American experiment.


Shooting the progressivies would have seemed like a good move, knowing what we know now.