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Re: You have zucchini already?

Plant them in a mound.  As you are building this mound, add about half a 'red Solo cup' full of 10-34-0 in a donut shape around where you will put the seed, but not directly under it.  You want the roots to find it, after it grows a little.  Put 3-5 seeds together in a 'dent' in the center of the mound, and water the 'dent' so the seeds sprout. 
Around the mound, have a kind of 'moat' for watering the plants as they grow bigger.  It works good to just hoe up the ground immedialtely around the mound, to form the mound, and leave this irrigation 'moat'.


Do the same thing with watermelons, and you will have zuccini that will be over a foot long without getting too 'woody', and watermelons over 20 pounds.  Just don't plant them too close together, as they will both vine out.

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Re: You have zucchini already?

  We use a drip line type of setup that feeds the roots and it's mostly buried, and with normal spring temps the system and the way that we plant them makes growing very predictable. The amount of water supply that we can hold requires us to water at least twice a day to turn it over often enough. Last year in July, we went 3 1/2 weeks without rain (some mid-month during a bad storm but was very little rain)but was able to still water, and when it did rain we got around 8"+ in 2 days. If we didn't have the water blivet we would have really been screwed, because shading only stops plant evaporation so much, and we had little to no dew at all for the month.

  We usually trade stuff for watermelons as we do eat some, but not very many. I make pickles out of the rinds and we eat them mostly for that.