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Re: a Sensible Democrat? wow

Watched it live. That would have been 15 minutes more than any of the rest of the circus I’ve watched. Had been alerted by folks who had seen the transcript. 

This is the first time I’d seen him labeled as a Democrat. I wasn’t aware that not having voted for Denison made you one  I’ll have to inform my 3 registered Republican Brothers-in-Law who didn’t that they’ve been summarily switched over  

I’ve been a follower of Turley for a long time. Became interested after our Neice  who had him as an instructor in Law School told us about his interesting contrarian views. He was quite stellar back 15 years or so ago as the Cheney Administration was ramping up for war. 

So it makes sense, I guess, that all of you neocon Hawks converted now to pacifists are enamored with him now.  Nothing like a good epiphany to clear a person’s soul. 

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Re: a Sensible Democrat? wow

Twitter of Lawfare's Susan Hennessy. 

Does in fact seem to be be-Dershowitzing himself here. Contradicting all sorts of things he's said and written in the past. Just making stuff up.

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no sensible democrats


The loons think the russians are about to invade.