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a big week for polls

there's about a week's lag time, but my sense of it is that among the small number of still undecided voters, Dennison's promise to overthrow a lawful election has overshadowed the SCOTUS.

There's some segment of touchy feely sheeples that ascribe to what Fat Billy calls "grammar school civics."

Then the debate. There will be trainloads of raw meat for The Base- who be made even more dagerous- but I don't think that the response to wild attempts to bully a fairly well liked man will have the same result as a widely reviled woman.

At that point he might as well give up campaigning and debating and just replace the Joint Chiefs and get the troops ready to occupy the polling places.


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BA Deere
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Re: a big week for polls

I don`t think Biden is so much "likable" as perhaps there`ll be a segment of the electorate that abandons the candidate in power (Trump in this case) when the going gets tough.  It`s like the 50% divorce rate in America...and voting for a new horse in the middle of the crick is easier than getting a divorce, however it may cost you your whole country instead of just half your house.

The Democrats injecting race riots and doubts of the handling of a pandemic was just as effective as a homewrecker injecting infidelity, money trouble and boredom into a happy marriage.  Perhaps the phoney, glad hander "God luv ya!" Biden will get a ring on his finger November 3rd.

Too many in the "divorce crowd" think electing someone that shuts CNN the hell up, will bring normalcy back to the country albeit by replacing the riots and death tallies with puppy & kitty videos.