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a feature, not a bug

don't know that there's a single silver bullet answer to the diabetes epidemic but our lifestyles and subsidized industrial agriculture food offerings are certainly a major factor.


So once we get ensconsed in a way of life where we have to walk a brutal 30 feet to our cars to motor off to the supermarket and buy a bunch of crap we can look forward to being permanent patients in the for-profit medical system- maybe even look forward to dialysis and a couple years on gubmint medicare.


Meanwhile, Lilly and the couple other corps in the insulin monopoly tweek the formulas to stay ahead of patents and raise prices 10% per year, forever.


Then, when someone suggests that the gubmint could do the basic form for .10 on the dollar they send an angry mob of trailer park bourgeoisie out to holler bloody murder about "socialism".


Just one of the many features of Capitalism.

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which begs the question

like it or not, we're all captive to this neo-liberal "Ownership Society" and we're on our own as far as taking care of our retirement and financial security.


So we most all own a chunk of Big Pharma. Politically, Ds are pretty useless and Rs are fully complicit in protecting the business model and those of us who have a pot to #### in benefit, at least in theory, from the stock going up.


So maybe we ought to be hollerin' to keep immoral extractive practices in place.

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insulin is an excellent case in point

the newest forms are better but the older forms are effective and can be produced for substantially less.


I've always advocated for a universal but 2 tiered system. The basic, universal system is tax funded but stingy.


Anyone wants more then they can get a supplement by buying it or through their employer.


That also avoids the death penalty for some drug firms, insurance companies etc. who, out of desperation, will tell untold lies to rile the gullible in order to survive.



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Re: a feature, not a bug

I am a has worsened...partly due
To me, partly due to disease process.
Yes, alot is diet.
I'll give you a even bigger growing problem....liver
Disease... Latest estimate is almost 1/3 of the
Country has a form of fatty liver disease...some
Alcoholic, some not...problem with that is, as it
Progress you can get worse, and rather than take
Pills and sticking yourself with needles....the
Treatment is a transplant.
Fatty Liver can be much improved by diet and
Weight loss, same with diabetes...but both have
A inflammatory component.
The questions are these... can
Get r and 70/30 for $25 a bottle at Walmart...
Everywhere else $100 or more.
One of the newer medications, which is also
Showing some hope for NAFLD and NASH and also a newer diabetic medication is use 1 box (it an injectable) a month.
Retail is $825 or can get a card for
Free from the company, that will knock off $100.
But, with me, I have the bronze program....$6500
Before they pay a penny....and it is a good hunk
Of change for that plan...and it's the cheapest..
Now...looking at NAFLD or NASH or worse,
Active cirrorsis....there are drugs soon to
Be is $70,000 per year,
The other for more advanced, is $400,000 per
Year !!!!
And to really get things up in the air
A study now shows 65% (of diabetics) or more that have
NAFLD or worse. is very key in both....but the american,
Which is a huge industry battle ground... health
Is out the door...I have interest in the cattle
Industry...I'm advised beef is not the best for
Me...carbs are bad...but the wheat, corn, Milo
We raise...I should not eat much of.,.soybeans, some say that oil is bad.
The option...veg....but at our local store
Lettace is $2.99 a head, and the heads about
The size of a softball... peppers...$1.50 each or
More, one was $2.75 for a yellow pepper....
Takes more than half a bushel for a stinking
Pepper !!!
I want to get into hydroponics...not only for
Myself, but profit. Tomatoes, peppers, cukes,
Lettace...even summer squash, strawberry..
Work done even on melons !!
But alot of work, and money..
And I'm getting wore out and everyone
Knows about the ag economy...

But that is what I'd advise a young kid...
Not nearly as much capital, better returns.

If anything, watch the ag videos from
Isreal. Or some other desert county.

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Simple answers

You know you can buy those exact same lily products in India for a song compared to the USA.  Generics even cheaper.   Can't bring it into the USA though, its almost like the government is protecting a monopoly.



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Re: Simple answers

Yes, for libertarians "state's rights" trumps all in their alliance with the pharma/bankster party.

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Re: a feature, not a bug

Sorry Sam....don't think I could stand curry
That often !!!

But India a very interesting place. Amazing that
Some agent books from there, contain ideas/
Formulas used in very advanced physics today.
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Re: Simple answers

Blaming libertarians because your government protects monopolies?  Really.   And rather than allow Americans to buy drugs overseas you'd rather the US government manufacture them?   You can't really be that stupid.

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Uh, Cheap guy.

they've got this thing called shipping, even for perishables.


Sorry, not legal to do that.

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Re: Simple answers

Libertarians are 98% Republican but with a claim to ideological purity that they think gives them an out.