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a hint for the right


I'd suggest that if it is your intention to disenfranchise most pre-menopausal women(those who get no-co-pay birth control under ACA)  you keep mum about your intentions until after the election- the risk reward of energizing the base vs. potential disenchantment seems a poor bet.


Kinda interesting that birth control has sort of double dipped mysogyny and economic prejudice, with a dose of faux religosity, as a real winner with the base, though.


Fair enough. Let's start by disenfranchising everybody who receives farm payments of any sort- or owns land that is enrolled. 100% of employees of government schools and any employee or investor in charter schools that received tax money. I guess any students who are of age but still matriculating at a school that receives federal funds?


All government employees, fed, state local. Including law enforcement and criminal justice.


The military.


All recipients of SS and medicare.


Any non-wage employee of any company that receives any Federal money.


Truck drivers who use government infrastructure.


Only a partial list.


It'd be an interesting electorate remaining.


Actually, as far as the "book" that is the initial topic, nothing matters. It is a business and if you can sell books by throwing a bunch of hooey that somebody wants to hear, life is good. It is like someone recently wrote about the Tea Party- it is primarily a business devoted to seperating older white folks in the south and midwest from their money.



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Re: a hint for the right

Forgot to add everyone involved in medical care, right down to the hospital janitors.


white male landowners

I'm OK with that for those of who who could prove we're not on the government dole.


And I guess if they can sow receipts for cash purchases of contraceptives for their wives or mistresses.


As they are indirect benficiaries of that.

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Alternet, REALLY?!?!??

You might as well quote CPUSA. 


There is a vast difference between being on the "dole" (unearned money given to someone from the American People), and earning an income from doing a function for the American People. 


If you don't want to see this bus driver with any income, it wouldn't bother me much, as I am pretty much volunteering my time, as it is. 

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Re: Alternet, REALLY?!?!??

Craigo, you need to check the rolls, CPUSA, is on your side! LOL!! You really aren't very smart are you?? LOL!!

Red Steele
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Re: a hint for the right

or maybe we could just end all the subsidies, and get all the able

bodied folks working again?


Too radical?


what total gibberish in your Alternet article.


Re: a hint for the right

Or, alternatively, what happens when the cargo cult Brownback Administration fails to deliver that?