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a little birdie told me

that while the generic 18-29 vote won't be a lot more than a marginal record, that doesn't tell the story.

Young Ds are energized to vote, Rs are not.

My continuing concern is with those R leaning youngsters who have been deeply infected with MAGA nihilism.

A dangerous cohort.

The minority who are engaged are also dangerous- Charlie Kirk and his TPUSA loons are the shcok troops for intimidation.

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Re: a little birdie told me

An old boy that raises pigs in Virginia that's a died in the wool donkey and used to be the grand wizard of the local kkk called me looking for a tip to try to run down some old genetics he heard I used to have from a guy that raises pigs near his dad's old place, and he said he just can't vote for another donkey until he passes on.  

That was just after I got off the phone with my mama who was finishing tallying up her neighborhood weekly polling survey by phone with divisions by sex, orientation, race, religion, occupation, income, personality type, alcohol/drug use, and dominant handedness. 

She said the only category the donks had a majority in when she finished her venn diagram was left handed, satanic, alcohol addled, narcissistic, brokeäss, tranny, agricultural forum share blue lackeys.  My brother who was also on the call said that's also what he's heard down at the coffee shop.