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a non-controversial topic

although I suppose it might be viewed as implied criticism.

10 yr. yield is under 1.7 (a scant 10 bp over the 2 yr) and the 30 yr is around 2 1/4.

Our national debt is very heavily skewed toward one and two year maturities- it would seem a wonderful time to start sharply lengthening the maturity of holdings. You know, Future Generations and all that.

Mnuchin is a smart (if thoroughly dishonest) guy. The only reason I can see not to is that it would probably slightly, and temporarily, raise yields on the longer bonds and that's the primary place that any (slight) economic stimulus would come from.

Although I think we could live with a 50bp 2/10 yield spread. Don't have to it all at once either if they think they'll be able to maumau the Fed down further.

You could also say that it is great opportunity to borrow more money but for stuff we need, not for tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

Trump would 100% go for an infrastructure bill but he poisoned the well with the Dems pretty badly last time with his walkout stunt.

The Base might not be delighted (Venezuela!!!) but he can get 'em back easy enough by hollerin' about Mexicans.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: a non-controversial topic

I   find  it  interesting , being  that  with  some  folks  being  DUPED , continuously ,   by  the  twitter  in  chief,   it's  beyond  laughable ,    and  has  re-kindled  the  snake  oil  salesmen,  back,   from  the  dust  -   -   -

Taj Mahal  economics   1990   style,   or  would  it  be  a  full  ride  scholarship  to  a  defunct  university  real  estate  campus -   -   -

Leaves  us  asking,  Who  is  auditing  the new   Tariff  Deposit  Account  -  ?    

Re: a non-controversial topic