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a piece so convoluted that it belongs here


Anyway, there is a television program in England that is like The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous except it is about a public housing estate and is called Benefits Street. I would think that Rupert would have seen the possibilites across the pond, it would be the talk here every morning after it aired (no FSA offices allowed, which is so passe' anyway because now your check will come from a "private" insurer.)


But anyway, this fellow opines that the problem is that back in the days before WWI, the misery in a poor neighborhood that had been studied was similar but... there the single mothers were all widows rather than having just been abandoned by the fathers (think atrocious workplace safety and public health). But they were at least all British. So they were patriotic and when the Great War broke out the men volunteered in large numbers and got massacred.


Which left an opening for the Socialists to bring down England (as his class knew it) because those folks then thought they deserved a piece of the pie, too.


Then, I guess, when they were broke from the war to maintain the Empire, and broker still after the next one, all those colored folks came flocking in from the former imperial posessions. And there you have it. Benefits street, and really tough times for the toney crowd.