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Senior Advisor

a possible mass delusion

and I hope not. 

Virtually everyone certain that '21 will be better.

But the current situation might be more perilous than March.

The intitial vaccine distribution effort has been a disaster. The 7 day MA of deaths will head north of 3000 shortly and stay there well into Feb. 

The more contagious variant is present, and exponential math is a bitch.

Dow closes the year at record highs because The Fed and the Light At The End Of The Tunnel. Sure, but we've already poured about $4T of borrowed money in and the Fed has printed about that much as well. 

Oh well. Maybe you'll be able to blame Biden.

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bruce MN

Re: a possible mass delusion

It’s becoming more and more evident by the day that in much of the country that COVID has become a private matter. 

Get sick. Assume it probably is the ‘rona.  Stay home and gut it out and roll the dice on seriousness and mortality. Which isn’t a bad bet if you are simply playing the odds.  Unless, of course, you roll snake eyes which lands you on one or more of the lists  infection, hospitalization, death etc 

Of course that takes testing and tracing out of the equation and blows up community spread.

Which leaves vaccination as the only game in town. And with what that should be as compared to what is happening on the ground is reprehensible  



Senior Advisor

Re: a possible mass delusion

There will probably be more American deaths in ‘21 than ‘20.

”The economy” is a tough call. I think we’ll have a double dip but as to whether we can just print and borrow out of it again, I don’t know.

As the “Cant get any worse so just do something” crowd says, there are limits. Or at least beyond which the medicine is worse than the disease.

Short or long term.