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Senior Advisor

a prediction

Sometime by summer, the realization will dawn that the super stretched stock multiples  are wildly divergent from the reality of flat to low profit and revenue growth and stagnant GDP growth.

The Fed/deficit spending super stretching multiples to historic levels is the single achievement (other than nascent fascism) of this administration, so Dennison will attack and/or remove Jerry Powell.

They don't think this far ahead but soon they'll realize they need to be scanning the Bureau of Prisons database to find the most accomplished counterfeiter available (a qualitative improvement for this Admin) and get the presses cranking before the election.

Or alternatively, Jerry might just decide he'd like to keep his job.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: a prediction

What`s Ben Bernanke been doing lately?  He has real experience with ZIRP and QE spending that doesn`t cause inflation.

Senior Contributor

Re: a prediction

If trump wasn't president you'd be saying government debt to infinity was a great thing.  

Senior Advisor

Re: a prediction

Preferably on a counter, not pro-cyclical basis.

And for the purpose of advancing the interests of our blighted nation, as opposed to the uber wealthy, defense industry, contractors and such.*

A very broad number of "things" would be better at this moment if Dennison had just spent all of his time- rather than half- playing golf.