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a real deterrent

I believe that a deterrent based on family rather than government would be a better solution.  

Looking at the majority of crime in America we find our prisons filled with people that do not have a family.  No father, no real mother and often the brothers and sisters are only ½ related. 

The left has diligently worked to remove shame for any crime or perversion.  What once would have been ostracized today is often glorified or promoted and those who criticize such behavior are the ones ostracized.  

Change has to come from our educational system.  Baby sitting, free breakfasts, condemnation of "normal" relationships, and the condemnation of America need to be removed.  

Welfare needs massive reform.  A father needs to be identified and kept in the home.  Truancy can't be allowed.  Schools once again need to teach trades in addition to scholarly works.  It isn't practical for everybody to be an art history graduate.

When a family has pride in itself because it has integrity and community standing for it's works it's much less likely that offspring will want to harm themselves or the reputation of their family.

Lastly, drugs need to be revisited.  It's obvious that there is a severe lack of something when a generation is crying because of a picture.  When people talk of triggers they are not the generation that was from 70 years ago.  

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Re: a real deterrent

War on Drugs, War on Poverty hand in hand have destroyed the people they were most meant to protect.  End them both.