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Senior Advisor

a shocking decline in the quality of suicide watches

these days.

I don't know where to go to find out what Q has to say on the matter so I'll have to depend on you guys.

It is actually far from a stretch to suppose that "The Clintons" were among those who were compromised in whatever was going on there but I doubt that Lisa Page and Peter Sztrok were in any position to do the hit for them at this point.

An Occam's Razor take would be that it isn't hard for Mossad to have anyone killed in NY- heck wasn't even hard to get somebody killed in Dallas.

Interesting thing will be to see if the Barr DOJ goes, "oh darn, case closed."

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Senior Advisor

Re: a shocking decline in the quality of suicide watches

sayin' maybe he was taken off suicide watch.

Typically it is true that it is pretty hard to assassinate somebody unless the people guarding him/her (Bhutto, Gandhi, JFK, Rabin, Sadat) have been compromised.

Pretty well proven here since You Know Who survived 8 years even though some of our members had gone out and bought .50 Cal sniper rifles.


New name for Ob Nox again?

whassup...get booted again?

Speaking of the Clintons, since they won't just go away, maybe people should pitch in and buy each of them a new rope.