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Senior Advisor

a slightly radical proposal

not really radical, but outside of "norms" lol.

but realistic insofar as we can expect negative cooperation from the departing DD mercenaries during the transition and we'll be 2 months further into chaos already.

Present an interim slate for cabinet made up of individuals who have served in those posts before and don't require a learning curve to get a handle on things. In concert, present a timeline for permanent nominations and confirmations to proceed as rapidly as is possible.

Tip: buy stocks in incinerator and shredder companies.

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Senior Contributor

Re: a slightly radical proposal

A little over optimistic so early aren't you there Hollowhead?

Senior Contributor

Re: a slightly radical proposal

That would never happen. The real question, should Biden win, is how much scorched earth foolery will the cabinet and Congress go along with? At what point will they decide they are causing harm to our nation and democracy? Trump's vengeance will be severe if he loses.

bruce MN

Re: a slightly radical proposal