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a study of 95 subjects

is said, (by Dennison) to indicate that Google skewed between 2.6M and 16M votes to Hillary.

Confirmation for those who Just Knew it.

I seriously doubt that Google's algos are biased, but it is altogether possible that the Clinton campaign worked the system (like reputation management services do) to get better results. If they didn't it is because they didn't think of it or didn't think it was worth the resources, same for the other campaign. The next war will include fighting on that terrain.

I'm relatively certain that even if it did occur, no more than a few hundred thousand votes would have been swayed by search results. Probably similar to the numbers swayed by targeted FB ads from Russian and domestic operations. Although those were highly specific to certain states and precincts and profiles- Cambridge Analytica could do that. I'm not aware that you can really do that with search engines.

More projection from Dennsion.

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Re: a study of 95 subjects

About "Dennison".

Who was it who came out yesterday and said that Republicans never disrespected Obama like the durn antifa dems (my hyperbole, mostly)?

Some second party projection on behalf of our Birther POTUS.

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Re: a study of 95 subjects

I just did the Google "idiot" test (google "idiot" then click "images") -- a couple years ago, the same test resulted in the first several images being of Trump --  now, Trump comes up as the 2nd image, and 2 out of the first 8 -- that's progress, I guess.  Still, I just repeated the test for "crook" -- guess who comes up as 1st image -- yep, Trump.  Then, I repeated the test for "epstein" -- for some reason, Trump comes up 2x in the first 15.

Another issue, of course, is that Google results aren't the same for everyone, they are skewed based on your "history" (I regularly delete my history, though it's probably still in there somewhere), and more to the point, they could be skewed based on what Google wants you to know or learn.


Re: a study of 95 subjects

I always just come up with the dictionary definition.

BTW, does raging paranoia and detachment from reality concern anyone?

Although rational gaslighting is the only other possible explanation, and possibly more disturbing if it flies.