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about the China tariffs

From the article:

"Here’s an easy metaphor that captures Chinese behavior: Imagine you’re on the admissions committee at an exclusive club. Your club has a strict dress code that involves jackets, ties and leather shoes even on casual occasions.

A new potential member has applied. They go through the interview process, bring recommendations are informed about the dress code and agree to strict adherence. The new member is admitted. The next day the new member shows up at the bar in cutoffs, flip-flops and a T-shirt.

Your club has a problem.

China’s the same way. They go through rigorous vetting. The organization rules and procedures are carefully explained. China agrees to play by the rules and is formally admitted. The next day, China proceeds to break every rule in the book and, in effect, dares the leadership to sanction them. The sanctions never arrive.

The group has a problem.

From this perspective, the trade war did not begin in 2018; it began in 2001. It was not started by President Trump; it was started by China through rule breaking, theft of intellectual property, export dumping and slow-rolling open markets.

When China joined the WTO, its trade surplus with the U.S. was about $100 billion per year. Today China’s trade surplus with the U.S. is about $400 billion per year and rising. This surplus is in addition to the theft of over $600 billion of intellectual property. The 17-year wealth transfer from the U.S. to China now exceeds $3 trillion. 

Viewed this way, Trump’s 2018 tariffs on China were not the start of a trade war. They were a desperate effort to stop one before the U.S. is looted further by the Chinese."

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Jim V1
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Re: about the China tariffs

Nobody seems to know that China has had a 13 % tariff on our soys for years.
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Re: about the China tariffs

Why   AREN'T   there  TARIIF's   on   clothing   and   gift   good's  from  China  also  ?   ? 


Our  cotton  manufacturing  industry  has  been  pillaged  the  last  2  decades  -  -  -



Senior Contributor

Re: about the China tariffs

So why have there not been complaints with the WTO to get them to follow these rules they are breaking??


Other countries have to keep taking the US to the WTO court to get the rules followed and then your country turns around and breaks them again.


Look at COOL legislation which after being ruled as counter to the rules your country is trying to resurrect it again.


Go back to the 80ies when your country put tariffs on Canadian pork coming into your country which depressed the price to Canadian producers and then after looking at all the numbers for 3-4 years decided Canada was not in violation of any subsidy rules and gave the money back to the exporting companies NOT to the farmers who took the depressed prices year after year.


If you want to point fingers you should clean up your own trading practices with subsidizes

Re: about the China tariffs

Not sure of the wisdom of supporting low wage, low value added, easily automated industries unless you want to go to full out autarky where you ensure that all of those textile workers* get $25/hr with benefits.


Which I guess I'm OK with but my relative standard of living is going to decline a bit, for farmers maybe quite a lot.


The target on China always needed to be on IP, which Trump blew out of the water immediately by antagonizing all of our potential allies in that effort.


The fact that that would be to the benefit of big tech, pharma etc. begs a different set of policies- the break them up, enforce anti-monopoly laws etc. 

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Re: about the China tariffs

What about trump clothing? Ivanka got out of hers but haven’t heard that daddy did.
BA Deere
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Re: about the China tariffs

Jim, I don`t see Canuck or any of the other rabid tree trader Trump haters rushing to directly challenge the fact you posted right there.  Kudos to you!