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ah, they commemorated what?

Just a poor choice I guess. Next week, the joyous music of 1939 Germany.


A Pennsylvania high school marching band has caused outrage by commemorating the Russian Revolution in a halftime performance - brandishing red flags, military uniforms, hammers and sickles.

Historians and parents of students at New Oxford High School have lambasted the choice of entertainment which remembers an event that gave way to Communism and the deaths of millions.

Rebecca Harbaugh, the superintendent for the Conewago Valley School District, insisted that the performance had not been an endorsement of the regime.

'It’s a representation of the time period in history called St. Petersburg 1917,' she said. 'I am truly sorry that somebody took the performance in that manner. I am.'

She added that it was the music that was being celebrated and was sorry it was not viewed as a history lesson.

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Re: ah, they commemorated what?

Lighten up.


You say: "Just a poor choice I guess. Next week, the joyous music of 1939 Germany"


The works of Richard Wagner, "Hitler's composer", are played all over the place here in this country and have been for years by symphonies, orchestras, high school bands, church organists.  Sometimes it seems that it almost impossible  to find an adventure or high drama movie that doesn't have a Wagner piece in the sound track. 


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Re: ah, they commemorated what?

The russian revolution was the overthrow of an imperialist dynasty. One should applaud that event. However, their choce for a replacement may not be up to your standards. The same is happening in the middle east. They are throwing off the yoke of oppression and as the self determine the replacement, then may not choose one of our liking. Get used to it.


I know that is troublesome for you guys because the replacement of the president with a black guy is more than you can stand.


In tother words you believe in a democracy as long as the majority chooses a result you like. That is precisely why the right doesn't like the UN. You cannot dominate the UN and their response to world events. You want to cut off funds to the UN and reduce funds to the US treasury. It's as simple as that.


stop taking it Don