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all boats fall with a falling tide

A nationalized police force will be as bad for left as right.  After the Bolshevik revolution millions died and the country was destroyed economically for decades.  Only a handful of those in power enjoyed a comfortable existence.  

A nationalized police force is another in country army to enforce non-constitutional edicts and laws from left wing governors,  mayors and low level bureaucrats.

If you think you'll be part of the ruling class but aren't now, rethink your existence.

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Senior Contributor

Re: all boats fall with a falling tide

This would be a PC enforcement arm of the federal government most likely run by bureaucrats making up laws.  You end up like Canada or GB with no freedom of speech and confiscation of protection like Australia, you think there are abuses now?  Just wait until one monarchy federal government runs the show.  Ever try suing the federal government?  You can't without their permission.