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Senior Advisor

all of iraq is irrigated !!

Something wrong Herr.
Watered ground goes for what 9 to 12 ?

Well I got to thinking today's news on Iraq.

Please check my math

We spent 1 Trillion dollars in Iraq

It is a country of 170,000 square miles
Give or take a little.

So, 170,000 x 640 =108800000 acres

1 trillion dollars


1000000000000 ÷ 108800000

I think that equals. $ 9,191 per acre

(Cost of American military lives and blood
not included)

When viewed that way, kind of gets you
Doesn't it.

Just think about it for a while....then
Review some threads on what ground
Sold for.

I was shocked
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Veteran Contributor

Re: all of iraq is irrigated !!

Nobody wanted the top soil

That wasn't the idea

As for the money

What is the price of a ton of paper and some ink

Somebody just added the price of paper and ink to the charge acct

But hey?? if somebody will take the paper

What's the big deal

It's not like paying bills to grow corn

Different crop, different people paying the bill

Gotta get your head looking at this differently

It's that special charge acct that will never be paid