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an interesting piece of research to conduct

Much discussion about the exceptional returns on financial investments enjoyed by sitting members of congress.


On March 17th 2008, the fourth closed session in the history of the US Congress was held. The stated reason was for disclosure of classified material that pertained to the warrantless wiretapping program.


The fact of the closed session was not widely discussed in the MSM but neither was it entirely ignored. The ostensible purpose never seemed entirely credible to me, but that is me.


Anyway, the only interesting story to arise from the closed session was a single internet piece that originated in Australia. That story was widely discussed in the kookosphere but never got any traction in the MSM.


The gist of it was that congressional rules call for immediate expulsion of any member who divulges anything discussed in closed session (fact).  The gist of the Oz story was that an angry member had leaked the subject of the session and that basically they were told that there would be a collapse of the US financial system by September but not to worry- measures were being taken to assure the safety of the members and their families in the case of civil unrest.


I said at the time that the story wasn't something to take action off of but I found it not incredible.


Here is the question- let's go back and check the trading records of all members from March 17th through the fall of 2008. If you had that information you would be sorely tempted to move your investments to the side if not flat out short some stuff.


Enquiring minds want to know.