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* and Heelsup abandon the border

A petri dish of disease. A human disaster of *'s making and all AOC can do is eat a $35,000 meal. What Hypocrats.



DEL RIO, Texas — According to a law enforcement source within CBP, more than 8,000 mostly Haitian migrants continue to swell under the Texas Port of Entry bridge. The Border Patrol is struggling to deal with what may soon become the worst migrant humanitarian crisis in the agency’s history.

According to the source, the groups are entering at a pace of 800-1,200 per eight-hour shift. Local Border Patrol stations and processing facilities are at capacity.

On Wednesday evening, the total reached 7,074. A rudimentary white board is used by the Border Patrol to track the number of migrants entering the camp, but they are arriving at a pace that quickly renders the system inaccurate.

The groups consist of single adults and families with small children. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed in the area as community resources cannot deal with the sudden major influx of mostly Haitian migrants. The source says the system has “collapsed” at this point. The source says they do not have sufficient security to prevent crimes amongst migrants.

The source says the situation is grave and worries about the local community’s ability to handle the health issues at the camp. The demands of the high number of detainees under the bridge is beyond what the agency can handle. Agents are now working under mandatory overtime.

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Re: * and Heelsup abandon the border

Just curious, the little hitlers here say the unvaxed should be banned from health care.   Does that include unvax illegals?

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Re: * and Heelsup abandon the border

How are the Haitians getting to Mexico?

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Re: * and Heelsup abandon the border

Total disaster created by our dear leader who is a total disaster.


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Re: * and Heelsup abandon the border

It was just reported that there are over 10,000 unvaccinated illegals now under the International bridge in Del Rio TX as they have no place for them to go.

Also, biden just shut down the area for flights as old senile joe and his media peeps are tired of seeing the drone footage while they tell us illegal immigration under's called the lalalalala syndrome.

Biden has hospital's filling up all over the Country, biden has allowed covid to spread and run rampant - I realize that old senile joe has a lot of disasters to deal with.....but he created all of these disasters.