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Re: ......and bashes Mitt

"Farmers most certainly are not on welfare"  Working familys due to years ofpoor wages are elgible for food stamps and govt assistance.  They carry the "stigma" of being on govt welfare assitance.   Our govt farmers who recieve govt assitance every year thru programs, claim not to be on welfare or carry the "stigma" coming from that.   You comment once on the  "substantial check" you got from govt of lower income.  How can one be welfare and the other not??


How can farmers going broke in one year after coming off  4years on massive incomes?   Maybe they should look at ther business model or lack of one.  Money spent on up dating biuldings, new  machinery I see that happening aroundnere.   They made dumb rent deals stupid land purchases list goes on.  They rents they made (of couse thats the  dirty landlord )  banks will notcover all imputs costs (even with generous govt support CI) so some have gone to JD credit to keep the land.  some are going to govt supported Farm Credit services.  They dug their holes now live in them   

You're old pal, The Doctor, says that he wonders if..

...anybody else even cares.  But we know for a fact that you sincerely do, from your more recent postings.........

Re: Isn't capitalism wonderful?

@rawhide wrote:

Don't forget about all of the dental assistants that are out of a job and now have to work at wal-mart.

"Oh!, The 'tooth' hurts! 😋

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Re: ......and bashes Mitt

However, the point is that you rightwingers have been touting that raising the min wage would kill jobs because it would cost so much and businesses would close and or ship jobs overseas.  But that is a lie.  They might try to use that as an excuse but if the people know what it REALLY adds to the cost, it will hurt them far more than the increase in. Min wage would!  You see all those people y'all are always protecting are screwing you and everyone else but you just KEEP ON VOTING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO VOTE TO PROTECT THEM!!!

Re: ......and bashes Mitt

@schnurrbart wrote:

I'm not cursing anyone, unlike you.  I'm just pointing out (again) the hypocrisy of the rightwing farmer who whines about his tax dollars going to deadbeats who don't pay into something in order to get something out of it!