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another conspiracy by scientists

who just want that grant money. So they can pay off their student loans, I guess.


Are some curious thngs here actually, the study being led by a high finance guy. Presumably they thought it would be more effective if it was viewed as a matter of economic costs, not just millions of lives.


Can't weigh in on the science.


I suppose livestock people are going to continue to go stonewall on this. But the meat thing is such a complex deal with people coming at from from all sorts of directions and the paranoia is somewhat justified.


But I'll continue to say that a system that produces a large volume of meat with few antibiotics is not going to go away from intensive practices, to the contrary probably more.


The poultry people are doing it with extreme sanitation and all in, all out practices and that can't be a bad thing. Given the choice of superbugs or happy chickens, I think I know which way to go.