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another conspiracy theory before I go

I've generally defended the professionals at NASS and ERS even if I don't like the numbers sometimes.

I really can't defend Monday's report.

I don't know who's come and went in the big shuffle there, and can't make a credible comment on what may have transpired there.

But it is worth noting that the two fossil fuel lobbyists at EPA have killed something on the order of 1 billion gallons of ethanol demand via RIN waivers, for no reason I can discern other than because they'll get even fatter checks when they go out the revolving swamp door.

Make of that association what you will.


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Senior Advisor

Re: another conspiracy theory before I go

A smack in the kisser for Joni- who's sort of a keystone to the Senate in '20.

As are the dire financial straits of the NRA which spent a record amount to get her elected last time. Although I'm sure The Blob has alternate sources of funds.