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another thought experiment

Sitting here today the most likely election outcome seems an Obama re-election and modest, or greater, GOP gains in congress.


Which means that we'll be running up to the fiscal cliff at 90 MPH with no brakes.


An anarchist couildn't ask for more.

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Re: another thought experiment

Whoever wins I can guarantee you that the next year won`t be business as usual.  The world view of the administration when TSHTF will dictate what kind of country that we will have during the rebuilding.  My take on Obama`s world view is he doesn`t want America to be the greatest power on earth, he wants us to live primarly in cities in efficient apartments, take the bus or bicycle to work, be one race, have a vegetable based diet, everyone make basically the same, if you die with any estate to amount to anything the state will put it in a community pot.  That`s just my take on what I see as Obama`s world view...hell.  Romney`s world view?  Back to the 1950`s baby!   I`m votin` for Romney!  


Re: another thought experiment

The president has a kill list. Unaccountable, beyond review, his exclusive choice. It so defies the principals our country was founded on, how did we get here? Look at the spiralling growth of the police state and tell me what graceful exit is likely?

Re: another thought experiment

Look at the calendar. There is a clue there about the point where the big leap was taken into the chasm.