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any gun control law

Passed needs to have a provision that removes all armed security for congress.  Makes armed security illegal and removes secret service protection from anyone who might get it.    Too often these people pass laws knowing it won't affect them.

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Re: any gun control law

Part of me thinks that guns should be regulated, in the sense that AR-15's and the like should be under local control, as part of well armed local militias capable of taking on any threats that a subversive government might launch against its own citizens. This might even include anti-aircraft guns and the like.

Another part of me wants to continue to own personal protection, my handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns, etc. Perhaps there is a common sense middle ground on how armaments are regulated, but it sure isn't going to come from the fruitcake left.

Honored Advisor

Re: any gun control law

Politicians don`t neeeeed body guards armed with assault rifles with 30rd magazines,a single shot .22 would more than suffice.


Re: any gun control law

I think the gun that dispatched Vince Foster was a higher caliber than a .22, but it was only one shot that was needed.

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Re: any gun control law

Every politician takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. Every politician who try to pass laws that take our guns from us betrays that oath and try to usurp the Constitution they swore to protect. It makes them in fact nothing but a liar.