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anyone heart broken over

Chris Soules and Whitney B breaking off their engagement.  It looks like the farming power couple hit the skids.  Come on man you aint going to do any better.  Your 15 minutes of fame has been getting a shorter shelf life.

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Re: anyone heart broken over

$3 corn and $7 beans will do that to a gal


What a joke


I see my rant was deleted today

As usual the truth is deleted and we continue to live in lalalalala land
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Re: Perhaps

since they were not a couple of Marriage, they were Never in IT ( regarding farming together ).


btw, have never heard of em either.



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Re: Perhaps

Never heard of them either and don't care too. Marriage's made in the $2 corn and 6$ years have a better chance of lasting, they've been through the tough times.

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Re: anyone heart broken over




What the hay ?


Who are these people and why should we care ?


Re: anyone heart broken over

Maybe he wanted a prenup.


Limit payout to amount made on the show, after tax. Seems only prudent, like moving the stop to breakeven on a profitable trade.