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are they really the 4th estate or just a wing of the Democrats?

With negative reporting about Trump at 90% by the so-called media one justifiably has to ask if what has been termed the 4th estate is really just a wing of the Democratic party.


If NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The New York Times and other anti-Republican and anti-Trump sources are really news sources then there would be more real news and there wouldn't be a constant flow of anonymous and unverified sources.  Most of those bogus sources turn out to be the reporters themselves making accusations and then reporting things as according to an unidentified source.


Maybe it's time for some sort of regulation that allows a recourse by public officials who've been maligned.  Why should Hillary not be able to face her accusers and demand compensation?  They appear to have cost her the election.  The burden of proof should be lowered so that stories turning out to be false when the reporter and the news source could reasonably find it suspect.  And reporters should be forced to disclose sources.  These aren't undercover police, they're simply undercover political operatives trying to destroy the opposition with false accusations and innuendo.

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Re: are they really the 4th estate or just a wing of the Democrats?

Negative press coverage on Nero? The outrage!