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are you pledging el cheap

Should covid1984 track you down,  to refuses any treatment that might have arisen in any way from trumps operation warp speed?

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Re: are you pledging el cheap

What ?

Have you gone mad ??

I dont even understand the question.


Trump has lost it....exposing 

Everyone like he has...he has

no respect or concern for anyone.

You would have thought, being

as sick as he was he would realize

Something...sometimes when

Death could be near, we tend to

Wise up....this dim whit does

The opposite...he still has an

Active case...and was told so...

and he is president, and has been

breifed by the best in the business...

But what does he do...gets to white

House....the peoples house...and

Rips off the mask !!!

He has just contaimnated the

Place....what about the people

That work there.....and their families at home ????


If you trump supporters here...

If you got it, wouldnt you seperate

Yourself from your families so

They wouldnt get it ??

Of course you would !!

This bozo just does not give a dam.

How in good faith can you let

Such a man cant.


We have just seen his respect for

others, how smart he is..and

How he believes he is above


Many have been praying for

This country....perhaps this

Is a sign.

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Re: are you pledging el cheap

I'll take that as a no.

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Re: are you pledging el cheap

@r3020 wrote:

I'll take that as a no.