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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

Why do you care?  What about the previous explanations do you not comprehend?  Why do you think the money is coming from "the poor"?  How much income taxes do you think "the poor" actually pay?

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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

But no one is answering my question of why consumers have to pay the capitalist farmers socialist payments?


I include middle income people in the 'poor' category as they have just enough income to get by day to day and none left to set aside. All while paying $100 more for washing machines now and then have to subsidize the rich farmers.


Yes, yes, yes I know farmers think they are poor too but look at the value they have in assets. Those far exceed what a middle income person  might manage to accumulate in a life time of work with a house.

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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

I answered and you ignored it because you know I'm correct.


It's national security, nothing more.  The cabal targeted our farmers because we are no longer allowing China to manipulate currency and steal our technology.  


China has never participated in free trade.  So instead of screwing over tech and our economy in general, they are targeting farmers.  Why?  Several factors, first being national security.  Second, a coordinated political attack on Trump which you are apart of.  You keep lying and you think the more you repeat it, the more people will accept it as true . But you really suck at what you do.  


This is a war, plain and simple.  We didn't start it.  We haven't been screwing China over by 500 billion a year for years.  They screwed us.  And we are now just saying enough is enough.  So they think they can target our farmers to pressure President Trump with really horrible gas lighters such as yourself. 


His response, secure our nation by securing our farmers.  Simple response for national security.  And it will be funded by China through the tariffs.  


Oh and please say something stupid like China isn't paying the tariffs....



Your kindergarten attempt at tracing the flow of money through the system is also laughable.  


When a trade deficit occurs, the money leaves the economy to never be seen again.  That money circulates through China's economy.  


With their unfair practices, they harm manufacturing here.  When corrected with a tariff, manufacturing is protected and stimulated here and the money stays here, circulates through our economy over and over helping the poor multiples over what is lost by cheaper crap from China.  The poor have jobs now as has been proven by lowest unemployment rates in decades.  


Bring on more really dumb talking points, I'm bored today.

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Welfare is shrinking, not expanding

Kurt - Welfare spending has been dropping for about a decade, not expanding. Where do you get your information? Open the charts and put your cursor on the graph to see individual years.


Here's the correct information:

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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

Once Mexico sends trump the 5 billion for the wall this money could go to the farmers to help offset the low prices The new health insurance trump promised will help all americans.
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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

You need to ask the dems why they aren't fighting for China's rights on this terrible tariff deal.