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Senior Contributor

arrogance of the "Capitalists"

Everybody with a pulse really does know that "Capitalism" has some rough edges that need polished off, at minimum, and some self sabotaging elements at worst.


But it is confident enough to believe that it can maintain the status quo by getting gundummies worked up about "socialism."

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Senior Contributor

Re: arrogance of the "Capitalists"

At the End of History, everybody assumed that liberal democratic capitalism would universally prevail.


As it turned out Russian style Kleptocracy did. But we call it Capitalism and try to keep it going by red baiting about Socialism.

Veteran Advisor

Re: arrogance of the "Capitalists"

KARMA    of  ''' ' Let   them   eat   Cake  ' '''   may  redefine,  2016  -  '' Lock  who   Up  ''   to  a  faint  whisper  -  maybe - ?