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as I noted back in 2008

Folks were feelin' their oats even if they were accepting $3 for $8 corn- partly owing to the financial crisis, partly owing to its causes (rampant financialization that locked them out of most sales avenues).


No doubt a bit early, if not 100% wrong as to what might be coming. But nevertheless, extreme economic turmoil is OK if you're living on a paid for 160 with some gold, cash and guns. Not so much for anyone in the government commodity farming game on a scale that the system dictates.


Can't blame anybody who's still on the train for staying on it- hardly know a soul who has ever left it 100% voluntarily.


I suggested several times- and granted a bit early as 2012 extended the game a bit- that large scale renters might consider staging a multi-year strategic retreat- dropping the worst farm or two every year and falling into a more defensive posture.


That advice is worth every single penny they were paying for it, but at least worthwhile for someone to consider something that they'd never ever consider.


It is actually 110% logical with the huge caveat being the historically aaccurate belief that the government will always take care of the remnant and you just hang on.


Could be, either way, I don't have extremely high confidence in either view.

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Re: as I noted back in 2008

The only way to reply with any semblance of accuracy would be to post numerous anecdotes which, I suppose, could be misconstrued as a trend.


No reason to. Will eventually show up as part of Plan B.  Set auto-steer for 1600 Penn. Ave..

Re: as I noted back in 2008

There were a couple farmers of modest market sized scale who used to post around marketing but have since left along with most others.


But actually being in that boat and not batshirt crazy they generally conceded that the can kicking exercise headed up by the Kenyan Socialist Muslim* had been to their benefit.