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as I said

about limited range of empathy.

There are some regional and urban'rural tendencies as well, which got me thinking about the German series Babylon Berlin which Bruce turned me on to.

Surely there were some cultural factors- like "gothness" that made a larger percentage of that population susceptible. While they invented it, the Spanish and Italians never made very good fascists.

As the paper notes in conclusion- that isn't a statement about who is right- only time will tell on that.

The problem to me is the greater susceptibility of manipulation in that cohort.

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BA Deere
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Re: as I said

So what is "prejudice"?   If you don`t want open borders are you prejudice?  If you are against slave reparations, are you prejudice?  If you didn`t like Obama were you prejudice? If you don`t kneel during the National Anthem are you prejudice? 


And what is fascism? If you enforce immigration laws, are you a fascist?  Are those that force a Jewish bakery to decorate a "Happy Birthday hitler" cake, fascists?  Is it fascism to force people to buy health insurance?  Is it fascism to not allow a homeowner the weapons to defend his or her family?