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as society crumbles


School response thinly veils a threat to punish anybody with proof of the gang activity by calling it bullying and saying that posting such a video will encourage more.  Disgusting.


Clark County School District officials told KSNV they were aware of the alleged bullies and offered the following statement:

"School administration and school police are aware of the matter and appropriate action will be taken. CCSD investigates every reported case of bullying and takes appropriate action. We are unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters due to privacy laws. However, in general, students can face administrative disciplinary action at school or be referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution depending on the severity of the matter. Law enforcement has been involved, and as they investigate the matter, we strongly encourage students and members of the community not to share footage of this incident or any other student fights. Showing this video serves no purpose other than to further ridicule and embarrass the victim and embolden bullies. Additionally, per state law, students can face discipline for knowingly and willfully transmitting or distributing video/images of bullying with the intent to encourage, further, or promote bullying. Any student who captures photos or video of an assault on-campus, off-campus, on a bus, or during a school activity should immediately turn the footage over to a teacher, school administrator, or police. We investigate and address all concerns of bullying."