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asset forfeiture


Le Dildo l'orange and the incoming Pres. of the National Sherriff's Assn.


Shurf complains that a State Senator wants to require A CONVICTION before they can keep the money.


Le Dildo asks his name so he can destroy his career.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: asset forfeiture

I`m actually against Trump on this one.  If I recall correctly this started under HW Bush when he promoted that kids narc on their dope smoking parents and if a worker on a yacht was caught with a little dope, the authorities could take the whole boat even if the owners had no knowledge of it...well that`s like soviet Russia. 


But we`ve had dope smoking Clinton and dope smoking Obama since then, why didn`t they change it?    I`m 4 square against dopers, but I want to see them convicted before any property is confiscated.   It`s certainly against the 4th amendment.