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Senior Advisor

at least a reality based musing

no need for any responses from the paranoid whackjob conspiracy fanfic crowd.

The assertion being that, wow, people really don't change much.

I'll make the debatable assumption that the expected record election turnout still followed the approximate leanings of the populace, just larger numbers. The surprise to me was that there were more Dennison voters to be turned out of the woodwork, but anyway.

So back to the fact that between '16 and '20, about 10M R leaning and high turnout elders left our earthly orbit, and about 15M D leaning and low turnout propensity voters became eligible.

That actually comes out to about 4M votes, the difference between Clinton's 3M lead in '16 and Biden's 7M in '20.

The probelm for Rs is that it happens again between now and '24 and starts to get out of the reach of the approximate 3.5% R advantage in the EC.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: at least a reality based musing

I`ll play along for discussion purposes that Biden more or less legitimately won.  There is a fact that Dennison won over more supporters EVEN with the passing away of many WWII veteran, racist voters.  If Biden fairly won, the votes came from urban(of course), "changing suburban" areas and perhaps some immigrant heavy brainwashed rural areas (I`m thinking of districts in Texasish, Georgiaish, Arizonaish, Coloradoish,) them type areas.

Veteran Advisor

Re: at least a reality based musing

BA, the narrative that the dims are putting forward is that white men abandoned Trump in droves since Trump gained in every other demographic.

hmmmm....does this pass the smell test to you?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: at least a reality based musing

The months leading up to the election there were many Nox posts titled something like "35%" ...something approximate to that, I probably read the first one, but the implication was that Biden would get 2/3rds of the vote and Trump would get 1/3rd, so in other words 150 million voters, Biden get 100 million votes and Trump 50 million votes and Bam! "the inbred racist Trump voters would be shut down with authority!".  Well, it quite didn`t happen that way, even with Democrat cheating, Biden still damned near lost the election.  And Dems know there was cheating, that`s why they are so sheepish, kicking dirt trying to cover their poop.