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autism study, and an observation of family friends case


I know it's anecdotal but I think it's relative to the discussion. 

We have a family friend who has a daughter with a diagnosed autistic child.  The grandfather was in Vietnam and soaked with agent orange.  The mother as she grew was overly loud when speaking, she seemed to lack a certain level of comprehension about social interaction and now she has an autistic child.  To what I believe would be an independent observer there is a genetic component to autism.  The mother was never diagnosed as autistic but she wasn't what I believe most people would call normal in her interaction with others.  I believe we need a close look at family histories,  we tend to blame external forces on disease's that run in families.  Some people are rife with cancer, others with heart disease and some with diabetes, the tendency to blame external things is perhaps normal human behavior but it's often wrong.  No doubt the longer life span of humans is in part responsible for many diseases and as research has shown cells are damaged as we age.  How those cells mutate or react to damage on an individual basis may be predetermined by our genetic structure.



"Multiple vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal, administered to macaque monkeys on the schedule that pediatricians followed in the 1990s, resulted in none of the key brain or behavioral changes linked to autism, a new study shows. 

The same study also administered a wide range of vaccines including the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine--which never contained thimerosal--to rhesus macaques. Again, it found no evidence of changes in brains or behavior that would implicate either the much-maligned MMR vaccine or a combination of many vaccines as a cause of or contributor to autism."

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Re: autism study, and an observation of family friends case

Interesting.  I thought a few days ago that a very good test case would be in Africa. Walgreens is doing a project where every vaccination they do, they provide a vaccination for the Drs in Africa to use there.  There are really only two things we have in common--- some of the diseases and the donated vaccines.  Check the autism rates for those getting the shots and those in the general population not getting the shots in Africa and compare them here.  Not sure the genetic idea works but my immediate family--mother, father, brother and myself have had ten cancers. Mom and Dad had two each and my brother and myself have had three each.  However, they weren't all the same so not sure if that would rule out the heredity idea although all three males had prostate cancer.