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Senior Contributor

bad news for the vaxed

62 patients who are COVID positive – either ill themselves or found during testing or primary contacts. Again, zero unvaccinated. Of the 62 -35 were primary vaccinations, an additional 11 are with one booster – and the other 16 were 2 boostered. I had no partial VAX or J&J this week.

ZERO unvaccinated. That makes 7 weeks of not seeing a single unvaxxed patient. Colleagues all over America are reporting similar issues – usually less than 5% unvaxxed are being reported.

Something is going on. I do not believe for a minute it is because the unvaxxed have decided not to seek care. Nor is it young and healthy excuse – many of the positive vaxxed patients are young and healthy.

I am becoming increasingly concerned that this may go pear-shaped if/when a more noxious variant emerges.

And another alarming issue is rearing its ugly head again. THIS TIME MUCH EARLIER. This did not start last year until the mid to late summer. I have had to admit 3 patients this week – all adults – all 3 with RSV pneumonia. All 3 fully vaxxed and double boosted for COVID. One of these was a little old lady with DM – the other 2 were young men, healthy and robust. All had severe pneumonia. I have never admitted an adult with RSV until the COVID vaccines. Not once in 30 years. Here we go again.

Thankfully, so far, the COVID has been pretty mild. None required admission this week. However, I am certain that at most 5-10 were reported to the health officials. Severe under-reporting is going on. THERE IS A REASON THE CDC and BIDEN PROVIDED AMERICA WITH THE FREE TESTS – AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PATIENT CARE.